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Meethaq Islamic Banking

With over 3.1 Billion USD as of 31st of December 2017, Meethaq Islamic Banking by bank muscat is the most popular and largest Islamic Banking entity in Oman. We offer a full suite of Shari’a compliant Islamic banking products and services including deposit products, consumer financing, credit cards, corporate banking, Internet banking, mobile banking and 24X7 Contact Center for our valued customers and corporate sector. Meethaq has adopted the best practices in Islamic banking and finance worldwide to combine a robust model which protects customers and complements the Islamic banking industry. Every Meethaq product goes through the process of Shari'a compliance certification by the Shari'a Supervisory Board and is created in line with the guidelines of the Central Bank of Oman.

Meethaq is the first Islamic Institution in Oman to introduce personalized banking solution for high net worth customers through our unique and largest priority banking services network, ten state of the art Hafawa premier lounges and our dedicated Hafawa RMs.

Meethaq also provides complex/specific sharia compliant financial solutions to its partner companies for their large projects, supporting the economy of the Sultanate.

As the pioneer of Islamic banking in Oman, Meethaq stands out for its independent Shari'a Supervisory Board, separate capital allocation from shareholders' money, unique risk management tools, complete fund segregation, separate books of account, core banking system which supports Islamic banking operations, stand-alone Islamic banking branches and proper profit distribution mechanism among investment account holders/depositors. The adoption of AAOIFI standards (Accounting & Auditing Organisation for Islamic Financial Institutions) distinguishes Meethaq Islamic banking practices in terms of standardisation of products and services.

Our full-fledged product and service offerings, standard of excellence, customer centric approach and transparency makes us the preferred choice for those who believe in having the best banking services without compromising on their Islamic beliefs.

As part of strategic road map, Meethaq as pioneer of Islamic Banking in Oman, spread its presence all over the Sultanate within a short span of 4 years only, to be closest to customers as much as possible. Our valued customers can easily approach Meethaq through our branch network, the largest Islamic banking branch network in Oman, comprising 18 state of the art branches and the large network of 18 ATMs & 13 CDMs respectively

Meethaq Direct Sales Unit comprises of a team of young, enterprising professionals provides ideal financing solutions to meet the customer’s needs at their doorstep.

Apart from offering innovative Islamic financial solutions, Meethaq also educates people about Islamic Finance across the Sultanate of Oman. This has contributed to Meethaq being positioned as a focal point for Islamic financial knowledge. To ensure the Shari'a compliance and governance, Meethaq has set-up a 5 member Shari'a Supervisory Board comprising of the most leading Shari'a scholars in the field of Islamic finance who play an active role in Meethaq’s banking methodologies and review of products & services. Meethaq has been recognized and felicitated with industry awards for its excellence in Islamic banking by various prestigious institutions in Oman and abroad.