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As the pioneering and largest Islamic banking operations entity in Oman, Meethaq is best positioned to understand the working capital finance needs of the large companies, small-to-medium enterprises and entrepreneurs in the Sultanate. Meethaq offers the best-in-class Shari’a compliant working capital finance (Murabaha) plans to the corporates from a wide cross-section of the industries. We want you to focus on the growth of your business. And to facilitate that growth, we offers you the most-customer friendly finance plan for buying local or imported equipment or goods.

Shari’a Basis

Murabaha is a type of cost plus sale under which the seller discloses the cost to the buyer and adds a profit margin to the original cost. Under Murabaha for goods, the Bank and the customer sign an Agency agreement whereby the Bank appoints the customer as its agent for purchasing the commodity on its behalf. The customer purchases the commodity on behalf of the Bank and takes possession of the commodity as the agent of the Bank. Thereafter the customer informs the Bank that he has purchased the commodity and simultaneously makes an offer to purchase it from the Bank. The Bank accepts the offer and the sale is concluded whereby ownership as well as risk is transferred to the customer.

  • Shari'a compliant solutions as per your Islamic beliefs.
  • Financing up to 80% of the goods’ value.
  • Competitive rates, lower payments and longer financing tenure of up to 5 years.
  • Easy, convenient and quick approval process with minimal documentation.
  • Flexibility to avail and service the finance through the largest integrated branch network offered by Meethaq in Oman.
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