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Are you looking for a convenient and profit-bearing Shari’a compliant savings account backed by world-class service and latest technology? Meethaq Savings Account is the perfect choice for you! Whether you are an individual or a corporate, trust Oman’s most popular Islamic savings account to meet all your personal banking requirements.

Shari’a Basis

Meethaq Savings account is based on the Islamic contract of Mudarabah which is a kind of partnership under Islamic Shari’a. You as a depositor will be the Rabb-ul-maal or the Fund Provider and Meethaq will be the Mudarib or Fund Manager, the profit generated from the investment will be distributed based on pre-agreed sharing ratio.

Please click here for the Shari’a Supervisory Board pronouncement on the Meethaq Savings Account.

  • Profit at competitive rates credited to your account.
  • The historical profit rates, profit sharing ratio and weightages are available on website and branch noticeboards.
  • No penalty if balance falls below minimum level.
  • Visa Debit Card with daily cash withdrawal limit of Omani Riyals 600 from the ATM. Charges applied as per Meethaq Tariff Book
  • Withdrawal and deposit facility through nationwide ATM/CDM network.
  • Free six monthly statement of accounts.
  • Manage the account on the move with free 24x7 Electronic Banking services including Internet Banking, ATMs, Cash/Cheque Deposit Machines and Mobile Banking.
  • Flexibility to make purchases at millions of visa endorsed shopping outlets worldwide.
  • Pay your bills for Electricity, Water, Telephone, Internet and Schools, etc.
  • Hassle free account opening process with minimum documentation.
  • Any Omani citizen or resident individual (single or joint) or a registered company can open the account in minutes by walking into any Meethaq branch
  • The legal guardians could open the account in the case of minors

How Meethaq Saving Account Product is Shari’a Complaint?

What is the relationship between a Saving account holder and Meethaq?

How is the Customer's profit calculated?
How to Apply

Open Meethaq Savings Account by visiting a nearest Meethaq branch with a copy of your identity card (in case of Omani citizens, please bring original) and resident card and passport (in case of resident expatriates, please bring original). The Personal Banker will take the required information face to face and input in the system to open your account.

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