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To secure the future of your children, Meethaq Children Savings Account (Baraem) helps you to start savings for your little ones. The regular savings accumulated over the years in the profit-bearing account could greatly help in shaping your children’s future as they reach 18 years of age. Secured investments, exciting welcome gifts, attractive discounts with merchants and learning the importance of savings in a fun way makes Meethaq Children Savings Account the best gift you could give to your children.

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For the details of the discounts at the various outlets / merchants, please download the discount booklet. This list is updated from time to time based on the additions, modifications and deletions of the participating merchants

  • Profit at competitive rates credited to the account.
  • The historical profit rates, profit sharing ratio and weightages are available on this page and branch noticeboards.
  • Free access to an interactive kids’ website loaded with exciting educational games, programmes and activities for the children.
  • Various discounts and privileges at numbers of entertainment, shopping, travel and health, etc. destinations. To view offers, please click here
  • You could open the account with an amount as low as Omani Riyal 50.
  • No penalty if balance falls below minimum level.

Any parent or guardian who is an Omani citizen or a resident in Oman can open the account for his/her children under the age of 12 years in minutes by walking into any Meethaq Branch.

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Are there any minimum balance charges on Baraem Child Account?
What are the required documents to open a Baraem Saving account?
How to Apply

Open Meethaq Baraem Children Savings Account by visiting a nearest Meethaq branch with a copy of your identity card (in case of Omani citizens, please bring original) and resident card and passport (in case of resident expatriates, please bring original) along with the child’s proof of identity (birth certificate/ national identity card for Omanis and passport for expatriates). The Personal Banker will take the required information face to face and input in the system to open the account.

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